Want to stand out from the crowd ?

Not sure how to go about it?

Let’s give you some ideas on how to make your idea shine and your content stand out.

Successful people have on thing that stands out above the average business person, and that is


Just the way they carry themselves and their company tell everybody that they know what they are doing and are very confident. They have a unique voice and they let it shine through! The one thing that will help you in establishing your identity is to let your inner self-come out in how you talk and write about your business and brand.

Don’t Try to be Someone Else be Unique!

Be You.

The number one key is to be yourself!

Do not try and be someone you are not.

When you write let your personality come out, think of it like when you are hanging out with friends or family you would not talk in a monotone voice, you would talk with emotion and even maybe a few slang words or expletives! That is how you should carry yourself when communicating with your target audience.  When writing email copy talk with a bit of attitude! When you talk to people you know, you use words like “I’d, What !!!, Huh ” Or “Get Outta Here, Oh My Gosh or What the…”

Talk to your audience of subscribers like you would a friend, its a hell of a lot more relaxing and will make the person reading it feel like they know you and trust what you say.


It’s all about the story.  The best advice when writing copy for your brand is to tell some sort of story that of either a humorous tale or some sort of issue you have had to battle through or even some kind of crazy situation you have found yourself in and have come out the other side but make sure it compliments the subject you are writing about.

People will relate to you more and will feel that they are just like you too. Telling a little about you and your life will do a great deal for your brand identity and can put you above others in your field. It does not have to be a long story either it can be just a few sentences that quickly conveys what you are saying.  Stories help people remember what you are saying and they will also remember the person in the story and most importantly YOU !  Stories can be fun moments in life.  It doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. How to get better is practice.  I have a little girl and everynight we connect with the love of the Universe, pray for everyone alive and not, then we get into story time.  After doing this for 6 + of the last 8 years of her life I am getting good and abstract thinking.  It gets the brain working and helps me create a journey.  Whether I am telling my daughter the story of the Dragons that live in the woods and is constantly trying to eat the bears. ( We live in Packer Country – that may sub-consciously fuel our animosity towards Bears ) or telling the story of how identify your Ideal Client for our website, they are both a journey.

The above Shows that people can sometimes need a bit of prodding to change their ways, and selling your brand and marketing yourself can feel the same way sometimes, we need that little push to get started.  When you are not sure, make it short but sweet. Simple writing is always best. Keep it real and let your personality and your GIFT shine through.

The best way to find your voice and speak from a relaxed comfortable tone is to


The best way to tell better stories.


In fact you can practice now, go create a story and find your voice story teller !!

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