Episode 10 : Nov 13 2018

Marketing For Coaches Episode 10

Richard Fletcher

Richard has discovered – somewhat by accident – that he has  a talent for finding the ‘Magic Sauce’ (that is, the thing which makes people stop in their tracks) for pretty much any business, no matter how seemingly mundane that business may appear to be.



Richard: 00:05 John. I’m very happy to be on. So I run a facebook group called the Magic Sauce  for online marketers. This is the aim of the facebook group was I was sick of seeing all these other groups and marketers saying like, this is a way to do marketing. You have to have a facebook ad that goes to a landing page. It goes to a Webinar that does this or no instagram or pinterest or you have to have a youtube. Well you have to do this. And I’m like, I just wanted something that helped people figure out what I thought was important in which was the magic sauce, which is how do you make people stand out from a crowd? So you know when you’re scrolling through your facebook feed, like a Zombie, like most of us do, and you’re like looking for entertainment because I’m bored.

Richard: 00:50 What is it that makes you stop now? Because normally we just go straight past sponsored ads, but if you saw an ad, what would make you stop and go, okay, that’s interesting. I want to find out more. And even if you’d seem like 100 of the competitors, suddenly now you’re interested in that one. And that’s really what the magic sauce is all about because all of those things, like whether you’re on facebook or instagram or whether using facebook ads or Google ads or whatever, it doesn’t matter if you’re not standing out does. No, not at all. You got to really, uh, it’s, it’s, it is a crowded, noisy market out there. It really is.

Richard: 01:24 Um, so, you know, what was your, what was the life changing moment that really made this happen now? Were you just sick of the ads or was there something that happened? Um, how’d you get into this topic? Specific group? Well, it was kind of accident my accident and he’s sort of a along slash boring story here. So, you know, maybe listeners to put your feet up to make a cup of tea, whatever you do, whatever you want to do. But um, I was um, still am to some extent, but I’m winding down now because I’ve kind of got a bit bored where I used to be a dating coach helping guys find that Ms Dot Wright. And what I found was it was really hard to stand out from all the pickup artists, all the guys who were like offerings, so like the sleazy pickup sales, how to get any woman without ever been rejected and all this stuff that isn’t even true doesn’t work.

Richard: 02:11 How to stand out from the crowd without coming across like one of those boring, just be yourself kind of guys where they’re offering like meme type advice. It doesn’t work. So I had to go through a number of iterations, like four or five rebrand. It was until I actually hit on something, the kind of hit guys between the. So hey guys, between the eyes with, they’re like, okay, that makes sense. But without offending them because this is a very sensitive topic. And when guys are scrolling through their facebook feeds, they don’t wants to popping up. Be like, hey, they’re a loser. Not able to get the ladies, well, let me tell you how it’s done because I’m better than you. They don’t like that, and they report your ads and you get banned from facebook, which happened. I know that’s what happened to me, so you have to find a way of communicating to us.

Richard: 02:58 So we say, ah, there is a problem here, but he’s not kind of triggering any of my annoyance hot buttons. So going through that process kind of helped me figure out the magic sauce, how to talk to people, how to figure out where someone is out now, what they’ve seen before and how to communicate that in a way that makes them go, okay, I need to stop what I’m doing and pay attention to this. So the magic sauce came about because for like at least a year or so, I was hosting our advice and sort of helpful stuff in other people’s facebook groups without ever being a business coach about being one of those coaches. Like here’s my helpful post and here’s the link. If you want to know anything. I’m really marketing here. I wasn’t marketing. I was just posting stuff because I know just for fun really, and I just got to the point I was bored like sometime in the middle of his year and I was like, why am I doing this for other people I might as well just start my own group.

Richard: 03:45 So I did and then 10 weeks later and some what? $1,300 members now lighter as well. Here we are and we’ll actually need. Now I have a business which I didn’t really intend to. That’s how we got here. Oh, that is amazing. So this is the secret sauce work for dating. The secret sauce or the magic sauce or the the same thing? Well, I guess it’s the same principle. How do you stand out from the competition? If you’re just another boring drone dude who works in a corporate job and doesn’t have anything interesting to talk about himself and you’re just like a, an older guy, then you’re going to fall. You’re going to fall between the cracks. No one’s gonna notice issue. You have to stand out in some way, but I think some guys are trying to start now by just being outlandish or wacky or like, Hey, look at me and not just comes across as try hard. So now I don’t want to have instead of sending it to a chance about dating advice, but there certainly is a lot of crossover. Yes. Oh, that’s interesting. So are you a coach or consultant or what is your role? Uh, I’m not sure if I have no difference between a coach and a consultant more. How would you define a couple of differences? I’m a consultant will tell you how to do things in a coach will ask you enough questions so that you tell yourself.

Richard: 05:06 So both really because, uh, in the early stages, um, especially like say if I’m on a call when we’re trying to find out what’s going on, I’m asking you a lot of questions and helping you get to the point where you understand, okay, here’s the problem with my business. Here’s the truth. Same if I was asking you questions about your dating life because nobody wants to come in and be like, this is your problem, you need to realize it yourself, but once you’ve paid me to coach you or you come to me and say, tell me what to do here. Then I’ll say, okay, go and do this. I see, I see. That’s a good approach. That’s a good approach. Especially when you’re are teaching people a skill or a new technique. So you kind of have to be both. I can see where that would be good to be both.

Richard: 05:51 So what can you tell me when, when people don’t have the magic sauce, what are three things that you see that they’re doing wrong? Mm, uh, well, first of all, very simply they don’t stand out that just another ad for just blends into the facebook newsfeed or you know, wherever it appears. It’s just another website where you’re like, I’ve seen this before. So an example of a is a, I don’t know about you, John, do you get all those adverts that like the high ticket coaches on your face? Yeah, that’s all I get and it’s like I don’t see posts from my friends anymore because he’s like high ticket nomads who were like, okay, let me show you how. See the high ticket and it’s always the same thing in it. The tired old hero’s journey story of like I used to be this colossal loser who slept in a sewer rats for breakfast and like people used to take me in the face as he walked on by because it’s such a worthless piece of shit.

Richard: 06:50 But then one day I discovered the true secret or the three, the five shifts, the three lies. And then then I figured out online marketing and now I make 180, 3000, $776 a month because you know, someone’s told them they have to use exact numbers or no one will believe them and now I’m going to show you how for free. And then it’s straight to the Webinar, straight to the call. And you’re like, I’ve seen this before so many times. So those guys who are taken teaching high ticket coaches, they just learned that from somewhere else. So they have just copied someone else who did it first, so that’s an example of that, but there’s loads of examples of it mindset coaches who were just talking about be yourself or you need to be authentic to get the money and all that kind of stuff.

Richard: 07:31 Those guys are blending into the crowd because everybody is saying that. So a way of standing out, instead of saying be authentic like everyone else would be if you started, say a facebook posts with a premise of every man, every coach and his labrador these days are insisting that you have to be authentic in order to have a great business, but how well is that working out for you right now? How many clients have you signed recently from simply being yourself? Then that is your starting point that is going to make most people. If you’ve seen that message time and time again and which most of us have bass going to Pique your interest, you’d be like, oh, that’s different, and everyone is telling me that. So what is the answer? It’s a technique of writing posts. I use a lot, which I call a. everyone is telling you x more.

Richard: 08:25 The truth is why? So if for people listening in our would ask them to think about what are some, what are some things that people in that niche you’re saying that you hear over and over again that you can turn on their head and go, look, everybody’s telling you this, but actually it’s why those sort of posted, but I find it very, very powerful right now. Oh, that is going to give you two things there, but a Tuesday. I suppose the third one is being obsessed with tactics and strategies over principles. So it’s like I say with those courses were very insistent. You must have a facebook ad and you must have a landing page and you must have a Webinar and you must have this. Otherwise you can’t have a business. You know? I know a guy who makes over 100 grand a month and only does he comments on other people’s threads in other people’s facebook groups in such a way the kind of teases, enter private message him without saying pm me because that pisses off a group poem and you get kicked out.

Richard: 09:31 He just says it in such a way that teases at the end. Then when he’s on the messenger chat, he just talks to them in such a way where they want to sign off whatever he’s got and then he closes the my messenger and he does this over and over and over and over again and he’s only like, I think like six months ago. He’s like, well, I guess I should. I probably should have a website if I’ve got like a million dollar a year business. So He created a website but it doesn’t send anyone there and he never uses it. So for me that is an example of. Yeah, the principle, the principles of marketing outweighing the sort of the outdated tactics. He goes to where is potential customers are and he offers them something that they want the actual strategies and how to do it doesn’t really matter. Does it when you think about it like that?

Speaker 2: 10:13 Yeah. That is a great point. You know, I think people get a certain sense of satisfaction if they do something like if you physically create a page, a web page or a facebook page or an advertisement, then you’re gonna have something to show for your work. Whereas the idea of creating an idea like what you’re talking about, a marketing concept is abstract and maybe a little bit hard for people to get their head around.

Richard: 10:44 Great. I mean, it’s, it’s, you know, like I said, there’s a lot of crossovers between this and the dating niche when, uh, when you look at, um, the guys that are teaching shingle of the, uh, the guy’s trying to learn this first, that always reeled in by the tactics. You know, the, the wall, the three questions. You can ask any girl to have a panties drop on the floor tonight and you’ll never be rejected again. That is the natural product that exists and does really well, which makes me sad because he doesn’t know he doesn’t work is not true. It’s a lie, a hope, a person saying that doesn’t suit me, but it isn’t true, and it’s only after to go through a number of these kind of products where you’re like, actually, I have to become that high. I have to become that person that my idea a woman would want to be with and that is going to require a level of personal growth.

Richard: 11:35 Uh, no one wants to do that because it sounds like work and it sounds boring and it’s kind of a same with marketing. You have to be the, uh, what it is that I’m your ideal client wants to buy, but be able to communicate yourself in a certain way that shows that you are, that, if that makes sense, as opposed to just know the magic chatbots strategy that calls dollars in your bank can automatically back everyone, which is like the latest thing as well. Yeah. And none of those. None of the techniques seem to work unless you have the content. And the real information that’s going to create value for the client, I’m appalled about a part of that is, you know, if you’re like a 19 year old life coach, I’m not saying that you can’t possibly do a good job for, you know, how much life experience do you really have to be a life coach?

Richard: 12:25 You know, you’d better have, you may have had some amazing life experiences as a child, but generally those people are people who have found out that there’s money to be made as a coach or consultant to align. And like I know I’ll be a life coach. It’s hard for those people to stand out because they don’t understand their speciality deeply enough to be able to see what everyone else is doing and then stand against it. So they ended up just caught into it just copying everybody else. And if that’s you, then you even need to deepen your knowledge or find something else that you are good at. I think there’s a lot of people trying to be coaches and consultants who really shouldn’t be doing that. I was talking to or talking to someone about two weeks ago where she was like, oh yeah, I’d like to join your group.

Richard: 13:07 I’d like to learn marketing. I was like, cool, what is it you doing? She goes, well, I’m just a university department, but I’d like to teach businesses how to market. And I’m like, but you don’t, you don’t know how to market yourself. And you’re like, yeah, but you know, there’s a lot of money in it. Right? I’m like, that is completely the wrong attitude. Unless she’s willing to go away and learn marketing herself for like 10 years, then it’s just not right. You’re selling people a skill that you don’t have. So I feel like you’ve got me on my soapbox did ago and it’s like ranting off at a, a microphone.

Speaker 2: 13:38 Yeah, I can. It’s perfect. Keep doing it. You’re doing great. Um, so yeah, I saw one of your, uh, it was looking through your facebook profile and I saw one of your posts and it was an passing that said I saw an advertiser claiming that they could show you how to get organic traffic, but they’re using a paid ad.

Richard: 13:58 Um, and that was this morning actually, I’ve got that made. I made a post in my facebook group straight away, so I was just totally, it was funny. It’s like what was, how to grow and monetize your, your business without advertising and he’s using like a messenger out to do it and I’m just like, okay, this is something like irony, bypass or.

Speaker 2: 14:20 Right. That was beautiful. I love it. So if you’re, our group is marketing for coaches and we work primarily with people who are in the coaching healer, heart based businesses that are trying to make an impact and improve people’s lives and business. Now, if you were to give our listeners a three step process on how to find those magic words, the magic sauce, how they go about it.

Richard: 14:53 Okay. Okay. Um, so, uh, talk about this in my, um, in my free book, free presentation by sight, well we’re going to be some more detail and it’s only 20 minutes so he’s not crazy to really was a process of, first of all, figure out what it is that you’re really good at. So I had a, I’m a mindset coach abby who was talking to and is actually a video of me going through this process. I’m actually, when I talk to her and she came to me saying I’m a mindset coach but I’m not standing out. So it’s like, well, okay, what is it you do? Well, actually I help people with limiting beliefs itself, like what kind of people? Well, the business owners who might be struggled to get over the limiting beliefs and eventually we got to the point where after drilling down and asking questions that Avi is great at helping these business owners overcome certain limiting beliefs that they didn’t know they had so they can expand their business and make a lot more money.

Richard: 15:46 For example, there was a business coach or some sort of business owner in Australia where she’s from who thought that she wasn’t big enough to break into the American market. I’ll be helped her overcome that limiting belief and now she’s making a load of money from America too. So I said, well, why don’t you become a limiting belief coach or a the limiting belief coach for small businesses who removes the limiting beliefs, who the business owners don’t even know they have right now, which, which is like, so you’re not just like limiting beliefs, which a lot of people do. It’s like very specific and I don’t see anyone else doing that. And I think that’s a nice angle. So what is it you do really well? First of all, what tangible results have you gotten for people in the past? Or do you know you can get what you can say, I can help someone achieve this positive outcome and a positive outcome is more money.

Richard: 16:36 I’m tighter waistline, abs. I’m more energy. Um, being able to attract the person you want to save your marriage. Those are the kind of positive outcomes we’re talking about. It’s not like I’m intangible things like, um, like feeling better or stuff like that. That’s too vague, so it’s actually been asked to be like a tangible outcome. What outcomes you help achieve. Then secondly, what are your competitors doing and what are they not doing so well? Whereas the gap for you, what are all your competitors are saying? So if all you say you’re a weight loss coach, if all your competitors are saying, lose 20 pounds in the next 30 days with my, you know, my high intensity plan, my super high intensity plan, maybe you would say everyone else is telling you to lose 20 pounds in the next 30 days by killing yourself by doing this high intensity plan and have a next plan is like were not insanity.

Richard: 17:32 Where like insanity times infinity. If you don’t die during a workout then you’ll get super fit and lose the weight or you know, one way or the other, you won’t have the problem anymore. It’s like who wants to go through her? So you could then relegate sounds say, well we’re gonna. Make it, we’re going to make lose that weight without having to go through that horrible pain. Now obviously after that you would have to come up with something believable and credible that would actually make you go, okay, I can see how it could work, but can you say, how about we’re so position yourself differently to everyone else? The mistakes, the mistake I think most people are making, John is a. they’re looking at what everyone else is doing and they’re going, they’re doing that for about funnel hacking thing where we go, okay, well this is working for this successful person here, so I’ll just copy it and you turn into like, you just turned into me too, don’t you?

Speaker 2: 18:23 Yeah. So now when you’re explaining that, how can you make. You said you know, what you’re really good at and what results you can achieve. So some of the ads that I see are, are just that, but they sound, they sound like everybody else’s. So how can you make yours differentiate?

Richard: 18:44 Okay. So, so about, about was the second part of that, which is instead of just like the high ticket coaches who were all saying, I, I, um, you know, I used to be this loser. Now I’m so great. I would literally the everyone is telling you x, but the truth is why is brilliant for that sort of thing. So something you might say, something along the lines of, you know, let’s say you were a high ticket coach and you wanted to get in our space, the worst thing to do is to say I used to be a loser who slept in my parents’ basement. And then I learned no one secret because you just never one of those. But if you say a bit similar to before every man and his dog or every, you know, every coach out there is appearing on your newsfeed and telling you that with the same old tired Hero’s journey story of I used to be a loser who slept in a sewer and had no money.

Richard: 19:38 And uh, no beg for change everyday until I learned the one secret. And now I earn billions of dollars a month. And now I’m going to show you how for free, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a bit sick of it and then yelling, that will be your starting point. And then you go into, you know, whatever your solution is. But that thing of saying you’re seeing this all the time onto a, it creates something that’s called recognition. Uh, you know, that feeling of, Oh yes, I am experiencing that. Wow, this person really gets it. So it’s separates you from all of those other advertisers because all those other advertisers are saying one thing and you’re the one who can call it out and saying, look, all those people say, Nah, I used, are you seeing this as well as I am? And they’re like, yeah, yeah, I’m actually. No one else is calling out like you are. That is brilliant. Well, obviously first what you’ve got to do is have the ability to do that market research and see what everyone else is saying and really understand your marketplace in detail to be able to come up with that. So it’s not hard, but there is some work involved on some skill

Speaker 2: 20:41 right now where I see a challenge for a new coach is if they don’t really have, you know, as a, um, people who are new in the business. So whether their healer, consultant or coach, they always have kind of an imposter syndrome or I’m not good enough or I don’t have the reps or the skill. So how could, how could the magic sauce work for somebody who’s new and experiencing those insecurities?

Richard: 21:08 Mm. I think a couple of things. First of all, are you talking about someone who’s like never coached anyone before and doesn’t know if I can get the result or someone who’s like, no, only coached a couple of people, a couple people. Okay. So, so they have got their results and they know they can do it. So what I tell people who join my program is, look, I expect that you are not going to feel confident about this. I expect that you’re not going to believe it’s going to work. Which is why like when I look at those coaches were like, just believe in yourself. I think it’s a load of crap because in my experience, certainly in my own life is when I’ve needed confidence. It’s only appeared after I’ve done the thing that I needed confidence for, if that makes sense. He’s like, you know, when like in the independent, like if any in the past, like I used to like sing Karaoke, my voice is shot these days, getting what you wrote.

Richard: 22:01 Too many runs and cokes and stuff put up in the past that used to like singing karaoke or it used to be really nervous beforehand and I put my name down and I’d be dumping it, but then I’d go off and be like, oh yeah, I enjoyed that. And, and, uh, wanted to go a single night of the conference. Only came once I’d done it and it proved to myself that I could. So I think it’s the same in business. I think like our subconscious minds are like the most critical parents you could ever imagine is watching everything you’re doing and being really sort of judgy and looking down on you. And so when you’re like, I’m, I’m this great businessman telling yourself these affirmations in the mirror, I’m a great businessman, I’m successful. Your brain’s like, no, you’re not, you’ve not sold anything. You’re a loser. You just got to go out, in my opinion at least. And I’m not a mindset coach. So, you know, maybe mindset coaches would have a better sort of formula of uh, me, my opinion is like, no, who cares what the brain says, I’m just going to go out and do it and I will get the confidence once I’ve got the results and if I fail, then as long as I take a learning experience into next time to make me better, that is okay. As long as I don’t lose my house in the process.

Speaker 2: 23:06 Right? Right. And you know, if you fail failing is um, there’s a famous Tony Robbins, a little blurb that he does in his seminars where he talks about a child. You know, if a child is out to walk, learning how to walk, you don’t give them 10 tries and then say, well, you know what kid, you’re not a walker. You just let them keep trying until they get it. And that’s the same thing with business. If you want to be successful, you just have to have that, that mindset where you, um, you know, achieve that goal or achieved those results and no matter what, you’re just going to get there. And if it doesn’t, it

Richard: 23:45 can be looked at as a failure and you can have a, a bad day and go have 10 drinks over it or you can just say it’s part of the deal. Let’s, how am I going to fix it and move on and do the next part. Yeah. It took me over a decade to make any money online at all. So, you know, you just, it is not like this is easy, you know, you have made the mistake many times. I don’t know if you’ve done the same way, uh, you, um, you think, uh, oh, I’ve got this awesome idea for a product. I’m going to go away and create this course. I created, this course took, have like 65 videos are filmed individually edited to them, everything but it altogether. It took me like a couple of months and then I realized that nobody wanted to.

Richard: 24:26 Oh No, I’m not hurt. You know, when, when you do that, you’re like, okay, I’m just going to go like sit in a ball in the corner of my room for like six months now and cry. But then now, once you’ve kind of got over your victim mentality and poor me, you no fake. Okay. What am I going to try next? As long as you, as long as you don’t keep on making it a bus, a crime. The crime is making the same mistakes over and over, isn’t it? Yeah. As long as you keep on improving, there’s only so many times you can screw up before actually you start to strike gold. So what was your biggest mistake on that Webinar? What, why did it fail? Um, it was because the course was something called confidence. Uh, my aim was to create something to help people feel more confident, but I never actually went out into the market and validated wherever anyone wanted it that is created it because I assumed, well, either almost more confidence don’t they?

Richard: 25:20 But what I found was it’s actually really hard to market because there’s not that many people I’ve found that I’m looking for confidence. So looking for the results of confidence. So in the dating arena, I’m looking for my perfect woman. I’m not looking for confidence is the vehicle that gets you there in business, it’s like I want to go out and strike those big deals or get the big job and I want the confidence to be able to do that. But you’re not looking for the confidence you looking for how to get that big job, how to get the, you know, 10 grand deals or whatever. A brilliant. So if you were to do it over your, your program, you could probably rebrand it or rename it. If you were to do it over, how would you go about doing that? That market research? I’m so well what I’ve been doing, I mean I am a new convert to facebook groups.

Richard: 26:10 I never really used them beforehand. But having started the magic source world is going so well is you get so much information from the facebook group when it’s engaged, obviously what is engaged, I see a lot of groups have got like two, 3000 members and only the admin posts. When you’ve got an engaged group of people are posting their problems all the time, you get to learn a lot. Also recently I posted in the group basically saying, look, I’m willing to jump on a free call with you to help you with whatever you need and give you some sort of strategy. And in return I want to know what are you still buying from right now? What are your big pain points? What if like, what is it? What’s that one thing we like? God, if only I could fix her. And I’ve spoken to about 20 people now in the last couple of weeks and that in itself is really enlightening because you find out a lot of stuff that people are struggling from a no. For me, it seems just a lot of people who are struggling to get leads and to stand out from a marketplace, which is kind of waterfall already, but it’s nice to hear it and it’s been some real specifics. I’ve got them out when I’m like, Ooh, I can use it in my copy a. well you don’t get that without talking to people. So my advice is go to go into the market and offer to talk to people for free and yeah, you’re not getting paid them, but you’re getting a lot in return.

Speaker 2: 27:21 Yeah. And well, you’re getting paid because you’re, you’re not spending months and months and months making 65 videos that no one’s going to watch. Right? So that’ll work. Good. That is such a great idea. So if someone were to use what you’ve given us so far, um, they would create a Psa, a magic sauce by saying everybody is telling you this, but here’s what you can really do as the magic sauce to get people into a group. And then once they’re in the group, you could connect with them and validate your, um, your skill or what you’re really good at, what you’re really highly skilled at and find a way to shape that into a product or service that you could then offer them. Um, and then with, with that group, you could then offer it to them and see if though, if there’s a, a valid a product there before you spend tons of money advertising it and putting it out to the world.

Richard: 28:26 Yeah, exactly. I’m not saying that facebook group is right for everyone. There’s someone in my program now who isn’t using a facebook group because he’s not right for her. But for a lot of you, especially if you are a coach, a facebook group is brilliant, but you can’t be just another mindset coach on facebook because he’s a billion of you. You’ve got to be the mindset coach who does something different that’s like, Oh wow, that’s interesting. And that’s the tricky bit in watts to figure out. You call your group that thing that is completely different and you make you stand out. Then people are going to be more attracted to join it. Then when you’re in there, your post show how you’re different and stand out. But we also make it a fun place to be. Like in my group I have a case on irrelevant threads, like hey, selfies where you take a picture of your pet, you know, did that.

Richard: 29:13 I did that last week and it was like a hundred comments on it, uh, on what was great with that is it really gets the engagement and it gets people having fun and joining in and you kind of get to know people a bit better. But it feels like on facebook people aren’t just looking for, to be lectured with information, you know, like from a guru on top of a mountain. Like I’m so smart, I’m better than you. They want to have fun, they want to be entertained. So I want my group to be entertaining at the same time as giving useful stuff. So I do stuff like that to spice it up a bit, just to keep things interesting rather than just both groups where it’s like one post of Mueller from the admin about, okay, I’m now going to teach you this, I’m not going to teach you that. And it feels like you’re kind of in school again,

Speaker 2: 29:53 you know? Yeah, yeah. It does seem like there’s a pattern that a lot of groups are following and they’re doing the uh, this, this and this on this day and yeah. And it does seem kind of, I think that the, you know, coming from my standpoint, I’m new to a facebook group, I don’t know what to exactly ask people or how to engage them and you’ve given us so much great information on how to engage and nurture that group. I’m, I’m really amazed at how much interaction that the members of your group have a with your posts and with your, um, you know, with, with the information that you give and your pet selfie with the turtle. Correct.

Richard: 30:44 Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. Yeah. That was good. What’s the turtle’s name is Wilson Wilson? Yeah, I think it came from, I don’t care if I’m figure I think came from that beach ball and castaway. You never won Tom Hanks made as his friend. Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s good. It’s just a mixture. It’s kind of, it’s a tricky. Make sure if you joke around too much in your group, you just a joker who’s like, people don’t take seriously, you know, like people in real life. If I just like joke, joke, joke, joke, joke all the time, it’s like, oh, the clown, you know, you don’t take them seriously. We have a nice mix of, you know, making them laugh a little bit, giving them some thoughtful content. I’m making them want to take action and you can do all of that in one short post and I try to do that quite often. But know actually learning how to write in that kind of way, uh, is a, is a real skill.

Speaker 2: 31:35 Yeah, it is. It is. And I think you are, you have not only just, not only can you show people how to make the magic sauce, but you can definitely give them a lot of help. And creating engaging content on a facebook group because I, I, I really loved your, your posts and the information that you give. That’s great. So speaking of that, how do people get in touch with you and find you? Where, where do you hang out most?

Richard: 32:01 Uh, well in my group. So, I mean, are you posting links below his podcast audit? Don’t need to tell them what to go. Absolutely. I’ll post links for everything. Okay. So all I, all I really want is, I’m not here to like sell some product and what we’re doing now, this is, I don’t know when you put this out, but um, in a week’s time, which is what, Friday, the 14th of September. In a week’s time I’m putting my pilot program I would send to the world. So we’ve got quite a few people in that already. I don’t have too many. I imagine by the time of people here is, it might be too late. So I’m not worried about people saying enough about. But if you want to come in, get a piece of a group, even if you’re not that interested, but come and have a look about how I’m doing things and how I write the post and kind of get an angle.

Richard: 32:46 If you sell, feel free to introduce yourself and say, hi, we’ll welcome you in. Um, I would love to have you in the group. You know, if you’re a coach and you’re trying to kind of make your way in, they can come and join in the group and see what it’s all about. I’m not worried about you signing up for anything or whatever. Just come and join in. Oh, well that’s very nice. Um, so, um, we will post the link for the facebook group and uh, I look forward to seeing that pilot program. We’re going to, um, keep tabs on what you’re doing and keep our group and our listeners updated and we will post all the contact details in the links below. And Richard, I can tell you that this was just a fantastic interview. I loved having you on the show. Thank you so much. The pacu I enjoy being on like he felt like a mini rant for hours long. It was. It was very good. It was very good.


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