Join us each week as we interview guests from around the world !!

Our guests will give you practical tools and techniques to accelerate your coaching practice.

We have been so fortunate to have connected with incredible guests such as Paul Thomson, Jonny Rose, Amy Coats, Destini Copp, and many more.

Whether you need to learn how to create a course, market your business on Facebook or LinkedIn or finally quit your 9 to 5 and start coaching full time, we have an exciting show to help you in your journey.


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Episode 12 : March 11,2019

Marketing For Coaches Episode 12

Katarina Nillson

Learn 6 Figure Sales Technique.
New Episode of the Marketing For Coaches Show with our guest Katarina Nillson from Right Mindset. In this episode Katarina Nilsson is going to share with you a unique approach to sales.

As a coach you are going to connect with her approach and this is a must listen if you are struggling to generate the sales your require in your business.


Episode 11 : March 3,2019

Marketing For Coaches Episode 11

Rochelle Melander

Rochelle Melander from WriteNowCoach.com will help you get from blank page or stuck to a published book.  In this episode we will discuss the process from idea to selling your book. She offers tools and tips at her website, www.writenowcoach.com

Episode 10 : Nov 13 2018

Marketing For Coaches Episode 10

Richard Fletcher

Richard has discovered – somewhat by accident – that he has  a talent for finding the ‘Magic Sauce’ (that is, the thing which makes people stop in their tracks) for pretty much any business, no matter how seemingly mundane that business may appear to be. 


Episode 9 : Oct 31 2018

Marketing For Coaches Episode 9

Gerri Cortes

Gerri Cortes specializes in Omni Presence Marketing for digital businesses and entrepreneurs.



Episode 8 : Oct 24 2018,

Marketing For Coaches Episode 8

Destini Copp

Destini Copp, a strategic online course expert, helps coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs create + market their scalable online course through support groups and visual step-by-step online training.




Episode 7 : Oct 16 2018,

Marketing For Coaches Episode 7

Amy Coats

Two Week Notice Society

Amy works with ambitious and driven women who are ready to take action through a results driven experience focused on leaving their 9 to 5 and creating a life of love and fulfillment.



Episode 6 : Oct 3 2018,

Marketing For Coaches Episode 6

Samantha Siffring

Samantha Siffring, helps moms launch + grow online businesses at tbhcoach.com & host the Badass Mother Podcast. Samantha is everywhere on social media and mother and the anchor of her family!!

She is the real deal and in this episode she shows us how she does it. !



Episode 5 : Sept 26 2018,

Marketing For Coaches Episode 5

Jonny Rose

Jonny is a LinkedIn Rockstar that has given us a ton of great tools and techniques to help you grow your business!!!.  Be ready to take notes and jump on LinkedIn cause this episode is loaded!!

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 Episode 4 : Sept 19 2018,

Marketing For Coaches Episode 4

Paul Thomson

Paul joins us from beautiful Bali where he is a course creator, teacher and tech guru.  Paul loves getting into the nuts and bolts of the course building but does it such a way that anyone can understand it.  Paul is a gifted teacher and guide that will walk you through the process of creating a course.



Episode 3 : Aug 6 2018,

Marketing For Coaches Episode 3


Start with a plan !

Before you develop your content create a road amp to success with a social media planner.  Step by step walkthrough and a downloadable planner to get your marketing on track.

Episode 1 : July 23 2018,

Marketing For Coaches Episode 1


Today we will review the world of social media distribution and automation.  This episode we will demonstrate the best features of HootSuite, Sendible and Social Booster.

Marketing For Coaches also introduces our new system The Foundation.  This system will give you the strategy, tactics, and tools to implement a killer marketing program and accelerate your business.

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