Gerri Cortes

“My entrepreneurial journey started the second I packed up my apartment in Sydney, quit my job (and dreams to climb up the corporate ladder), broke up with my boyfriend of 12 years (yes it was an early mid life crisis) and booked a one way ticket to Thailand to – Reset.

I went through quite a few phases in the time I spent living abroad “finding myself”. From being scared of being alone, to living like a hippy and rocking elephant pants (I facepalm myself everytime those memories drift in). But, ultimately I fell in love with the freedom that travel offered and discovered something that people were calling the “Digital Nomad Lifestyle” and from there on I was hooked, I drank the kool-aid, I was never turning back. So, after months of being away from home and extending what was meant to be just a short holiday, I realised that going back to the 9 – 5 wasn’t something I was prepared to do anymore and so, the real hustle began.”

From apprentice to CEO in less than a year, Gerri Cortes was the founder of multiple esteemed digital marketing agencies where she built diverse teams of world class creatives, specialists, and virtual assistants, which helped pave her road to success. Thanks to her uncanny ability to identify her ideal client profile, strategise business plans and execute and automate sophisticated systems and processes, she has helped many business owners increase sales and multiply profits without the stress.

Having learnt along the way the power of expert positioning and omnipresence marketing, which was the huge turning point in her own career, Gerri is fortunate enough to be in a position to give back and share her life experiences and career secrets with others by creating the A-List Academy, an online consulting program dedicated to giving other high achievers the tools and resources they need to experience the same success she has found through social selling.

“Utilising the power of omnipresence marketing, I help high performing thought leaders and entrepreneurs who strive to impact people’s lives, work smarter by extending their reach on multiple social media platforms and establishing themselves as THE authority in their space so that they attract even more opportunities to grow their business”.

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