Creating an Online Course not only creates a scale-able product you can use to grow your business, but it also helps you clarify of your process!   I have created a lot of courses over the past year, and I have a wonderful opportunity to help refine the content with the presenter.   When a coach, like yourself, takes time to organize all of the knowledge, tools and processes that they use or in some cases used to use and have since forgotten, their process becomes more effective. 

To make a course effective it is important to learn how to teach, how to frame your content in a way that a person can take it in efficiently and effectively. When this process is applied to the real world, the results are astonishing.   I worked with a coach last year who didn’t want to invest a ton of time in developing the content because she was at capacity.   Our solution was to video record here live seminars and workshops, edit the video down and transcribe the content.   When we were done, she reviewed the material and she hadn’t realized how good her content was and she didn’t recognize the bad habits we all have when presenting or speaking.  

Two things came of this.  

1. We created a short “course” as a lead magnet to validate her material and concept before we began creating a full signature course.  

2. Her presentations, group coaching, and 1-1 coaching all improved because she took the time to review her delivery.  

If you have been thinking of creating a course and keep putting it off, take a look at your material and start small. A mini-course on one topic or tool you use to refine your process and see how it can improve your coaching.

Thinking Building a course or a website?

I would love to help you with all the tools and resources you need to create a profitable course or start with a site built to scale your business for the future.

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