Learn 6 figure sales technique.
New Episode of the Marketing For Coaches Show with our guest Katarina Nillson from Right Mindset. In this episode Katarina Nilsson is going to share with you a unique approach to sales.

As a coach you are going to connect with her approach and this is a must listen if you are struggling to generate the sales your require in your business.


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To the book – The right structure, the right people and the right tools Want to boost motivation & get better results from your staff? I’m convinced that, most problems arise due to misunderstandings or poor communication. When it’s left untreated, it can cause a toxic team environment, that dramatically impacts on sales performance. Definition: Madness: Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. The word “managing” has a broad meaning for many. Some associate it with coordination and communication, which gives the word a positive feeling. For many others, the word has a negative feeling, and they associate the word with control and compulsion. Focus on the people, building trust & motivation. It’s the human and there’s activities we need to look at: What are our daily activities? Are these the right things After all, you are dealing with people, when they feel trusted, and valued they will work harder, which will reflect in the performance numbers. The questions you should ask your self when managing a sales organization are: » What is my goal with this – what plans should I do? » What education or training do my staff need? » What exercises do I need? » How do I ensure that everyone strives for the same goal? » How can I measure that we are moving in the right direction? » What incentives do I need to thrive the individuals and the team? » Which follow-up tools do I need? I believe that : A SUCCESSFUL SALES ORGANIZATION IS TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON THE MOTIVATION OF THE TEAM True motivation is achieved when all team members: • Share’s and lives according to the company’s vision • Share the same values • Know and work towards the company objectives • Can access the education and training they need • Have clear visibility of the critical information they need to perform at their best (need to know) • Clear rules-who does what and when The outcome of a truly motivated team is plain to see: • Success! Supercharged results! • Problem-solving attitude – the team are willing to go above and beyond • ♪ Music in the air ♫


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